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ASG X-Technologies offers a complete scope of instrument calibration services


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Who We Are

Our strike rate of delivering on time and within budget is second to none. We achieve successful outcomes for our customers without compromising safety, quality or the environment.

We build close relationships with our customers, which enable us to understand their needs. We don’t see our customers as just a number, but partner, working together to achieve desired outcomes, which are mutually beneficial.

What We Do

ASG X-Technologies deliver technical services and solutions to various markets across multiple locations. Our capabilities cover project management, commissioning, procurement, service and maintenance, equipment sales and rental, calibration and testing, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation solutions.


As experienced calibration service providers, we offer an ISO/IEC 17025 facility accredited in the field of CALIBRATION for the tests, calibrations and measurements shown on the Scope of Accreditation issued by NATA.






Our Clients

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At ASG X-Technologies, we specialise in the calibration of temperature probes and other temperature equipment and measuring devices.

Know more about our calibration services on our website: https://asgxtech.com.au/

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ASG X-Technologies can calibrate a wide range of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment.

To obtain more information about our electrical and electronic calibration services or to organise a quote, visit our website!: https://asgxtech.com.au/


We can calibrate thermometers, pressure meters, balances, and a whole range of instruments from all industry makes and models.

Interested to know more about our calibration services, visit our website: https://asgxtech.com.au/

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ASG X-Technologies is a trusted sound level calibrator, offering decibel meter calibration to ensure your devices are performing at their best.

Know more about our calibration services on our website: https://asgxtech.com.au/

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