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Calibration Services in Adelaide

Proper calibration of equipment and instrumentation is essential for a functioning workplace environment. By trusting a professional for calibration in Adelaide, you can avoid the costly consequences of delays and disruptions as well as eliminate potential health hazards and safety risks. At ASG X-Technologies, we’ve developed a reputation for providing the best calibration services in Adelaide.

Delivering Trusted Results

Our focus is on providing excellent calibration services in Adelaide, upholding our reputation as a global leader in numerous technical services and solutions. We’re committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients, allowing us to deliver fantastic results and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our calibration services include but are not limited to:

Pressure – We can calibrate a wide range of pressure instruments, gauges, transmitters, chart recorders, safety relief valves, and more.

Gas Detection – We can calibrate ammonia leakage detection systems, carbon dioxide detectors, multi-gas detectors, methane detection systems, and more.

Electrical – We can calibrate analogue meters, data loggers, electrostatic testers, power supplies, process calibrators, and more.

Heat and Temperature – We can calibrate analogue thermometers, freezers, fridges, industrial dishwashers, thermal imaging cameras, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our calibration services in Adelaide or make a booking.

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