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medical device
The medical device calibration industry is a highly regulated field that relies on accurate results for medical devices. Medical device calibration needs to be made with extreme accuracy because medical devices monitor patients, are used for testing for accurate results and provide life-saving care. When medical devices fail, they can have severe consequences for those who […]
pipettes calibration
In manual pipettes, all the air-displacement (which is 90% of the pipette market) uses the same principles for both measuring and transferring precise amounts of a specific fluid. These work through the use of a piston mechanism. It is either activated by the user’s hand or thumb, which creates a vacuum due to vertical travel […]
pipettes Calibration
Definition of Calibration The calibration of a pipette is the process where the difference between the dispensed volume and the selected volume is determined. The pipette is adjusted according to the ‘difference’ to ensure that the dispensed volume is within the specifications.1 Even pipettes that are used for an identical repeated practice and are handled […]
ASG Herald Sun Article
We were excited today to have an article written about ASG X-Technologies in the Herald Sun (heraldsun.com.au). You can see the article in print on page 56 of the Business section of the Wednesday, July 10, 2019 edition. Growth Push Bearing Fruit Author – Helen Carter MARK Imierowicz believes two important changes he helped his […]
HVAC Calibration
Annual HVAC maintenance A heating and cooling system works approximately 3000+ hours per year across a range of temperatures and climates. We rely on HVAC systems to maintain climate comfort in all seasons often with little consideration for regular maintenance. In comparison, if we drove our car for 3000 hours at 60 km/h, we would […]
torque calibration
What is a Torque Wrench? A torque wrench is a precision tool that is used to apply a specific torque or tightness to nuts and bolts to the desired value. Manufacturers include Snap-On, Tekton and ACDelco. There are various ‘types’ of torque wrenches, including the standard wrench, micrometre torque wrench, preset and the deflecting beam […]
Calibration Services
Reasons For Calibration Calibration is the means of testing the accuracy and precision of measuring equipment. It is achieved by checking the accuracy of the instrument with a known value or ‘standard.’ There are multiple reasons that justify the calibration of an instrument, but it ultimately provides confidence in measurement results obtained during critical and […]
Calibration is the process used to determine and maintain the accuracy and margin of error of the instrument in question. The process varies depending on the type of measuring device being calibrated. However, it typically involves using the instrument or device in its known capacity to weigh/ test a sample (calibrator) of known value. Calibration […]
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