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Pipette Calibration Service

Commonly used in the fields of chemistry, biology and medicine, pipettes are an important measuring tool in any laboratory. But in order to ensure accurate results, it’s essential for them to be calibrated properly. At ASG X-Technologies, we provide a comprehensive pipette calibration service that’s fast, reliable and accurate. Whether you need calibration for manual or electronic pipettes, you can rely on us to provide services of the highest standard.


Our Pipette Calibration Services

We cancalibrate an extensive range of pipettes in our facility, and can even offer loan pipettes to reduce down time.

Our services cover:

  • Fix volume pipettes, burettes and bottle top dispensers
  • Manual or electronic single channel variable pipettes
  • Manual or electronic positive displacement pipettes
  • Manual or electronic 8 channel pipettes
  • Manual or electronic 12 channel pipettes
  • Manual positive displacement pipettes
  • Manual single channel
    variable pipettes

To ensure the highest accuracy, all pipette calibrations are made according to Australian Standard AS 2162.2-1998 and Australian Standard AS ISO/IEC 17025-2005. We also provide a graphic presentation and interpretation of all measurements which covers inspection, testing and cleaning.


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To learn more about our pipette calibration service, or to request a quote, contact us. Wherever you’re located in Australia, we’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.