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Electrical and Instrumentation Solutions

At ASG X-Technologies, we understand that instrumentation is a vital part of any control system. Regardless of whether instruments are used in safety systems for indication and reporting, or in the control loop, properly installed and functioning instrumentation is an integral part of any industrial plant. That’s why we boast a team of highly trained technicians who possess the experience necessary to deliver the best electrical and instrumentation solutions available. From start-up commissioning and plant commissioning through to HVAC commissioning and more, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.


Multiple Solutions

At ASG X-Technologies, our electrical and instrumentation services include procuring, calibrating, installing, testing, and commissioning instrumentation for any industrial application.

Some of these include:

ASG Food

Food and Beverage Processing

ASG Mining

Mining and Mineral Processing

ASG Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Processing

ASG Hazrdous

Hazardous Area Environments

ASG Package plant

Packaged Plant to be Supplied to Clients

ASG Installation

Installation and Process Connection of Packaged Plant

ASG Power

Power Generation and Distribution

ASG Materials

Materials Handling

ASG Water

Water Distribution and Treatment

Our electrical and instrumentation technician’s can also install, program, configure, calibrate and commission
a wide variety of specialist instrumentation.

These include:

ASG Fire Gas System

Fire and Gas Systems


DCS and PLC Control Systems

ASG Safety Shutdown

Safety and Shutdown Systems

ASG Hazard Control

Hazardous Area Control Systems


Providing Trusted Assistance

At ASG X-Technologies, our electrical and instrumentation team can provide assistance on all size projects by:

Supplying supervisors, instrument technicians and electricians with the relevant industry experience and competencies
Having people with experience in the commissioning of instrument & electrical control systems in a diverse range of processes within any environment
Training client personnel on operation and maintenance of all installed equipment
Assisting the client in the development and schedule of maintenance routines

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