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Remote Work and Contractors

From gas detection to on-site calibration and more, technical services and solutions are required in remote locations just as much as metropolitan areas. At ASG X-Technologies, we’re more than capable of providing remote work and sharing our expertise and experience with clients in remote locations, where choices can be more limited. Our primary goal is to build close professional relationships with our clients regardless of their location. You can rely on our remote contractors to deliver what you need in a timely and affordable fashion.


How We Can Help

ASG X-Technologies has extensive experience mobilising to remote locations for remote work and remote contracting services. We can provide installations, commissioning, service and maintenance, calibration services, electrical and instrumentation services, project management, and more. We can also organise the mobilisation of qualified personnel at all levels, from supervision to trade level in the disciplines of electrical and instrumentation.


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For more information about our remote contracting services, get in touch with our team of remote contractors today. Send us a message via our online enquiry form.